4 Tips for earning from blogging

Now a day’s blogging is one of the best ways to earn from online. From blogging there are so many bloggers who earned million and million dollar. So why you can’t? Of course you should! However you should be a professional blogger for this. Are you disappointed to learn about professional blogger? Yes, I know. It is our major bad habit. We are afraid of thinking a good dream which is achievable. Can’t you be a professional blogger in a night? To be a professional blogger have to need confident. And should do blogging as a addicted people by year and year. After all you can earn million and million dollar from blogging. If you are looking where to buy kratom products, is very important that you read the information at https://kratommasters.com/valkyrie-botanicals-kratom-vendor-review/.


blogging make money

Now we talk about practically. Now in our country blogging can’t reach the best place. So from blogging to think earning this million dollar is like a people who are a mad. But now racing of bangle blog is started. We hope we can reach our goal in a few years. In our country there are so many blogger who is involved with English blog. I am not against about this at all. By the way we hope, we will create bangle blogging to increasing our bangle content besides of English blogging.

All of you are known about earning from blogging who are involved in professional blogging. But the new blogger are so interested to know about earning from blogging. To fulfill their curiosity I want to say the way of earning from blogging. And earning from blogging is written from the base of English blogging. I discuss the cause previous. Bangle blogging can’t reach that position now. So now I discuss about how a blogger can earn from blogging:



blogging make money


To thinking about ear from blogging I think this is the first step. To earn from blogging advertisement is the first source. Have more visitor to see your blog? So you can earn from publishing advertisement from Adsense,  Bidvertizer,  Revenue Hits, Infolinks clicks, Chitika etc advertizing companies advertisement. Otherwise you can rent your advertisement space in your blog to the advertiser directly. If I want to give an example who  earn from bangle blog, techtunes is the famous in our country.  Do you know, techtunes is the largest bangle blog of technology? Where techtunes earn more from different advertisement by publishing. Hope you can understand about earning by advertisement. I am also earning more by publishing different types of advertisement as a bangle blogger.



affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the largest area to earn from online. As affiliate marketing is a separate place from blogging but affiliate marketing is related with blogging. For new comer affiliate marketing is a new word. So learn more details about affiliate marketing.  In a word we can say that to sell any companies product by any commission is called affiliate marketing. Now a question has been, and that is what the relation between affiliate marketing with blogging is? Let, you have a blog about any software and there are so many visitors have come. So you can make an agreement with any premium software company to sell in online with commission. And to sell this product you can post a blog or give an advertisement in your blog. And you can get your commission from there what were the agreements you sign in with the company. Now a day it is the most famous area to earn from blogging.




If you are a professional blogger and your blog may be famous, so sponsored post may be your smart earning way. There are so many people who don’t know about sponsored post. I say that people, if any organization want to post anything by any payment against of this is called sponsored post. It is also called paid post. Anyway in famous blog’s the organizations are interested to publishing their sponsored post.




It’s also the way for the professional blogger. Let you are a WordPress expert. WordPress is your everything like hope, love, like etc. so you are blogging about WordPress. From your WordPress related tutorials and tips, you become famous to the visitors. In this situation you can earn by servicing different types of tips. If you want you can get different types of service offer from your visitors. From there you can earn. I also sell different types of service by my blog.




Now a days blogging become a smart and independent occupation to earn from online. You can choice this online occupation and build up a career in blogging area. It has a great possibility to earn. But you have to need to become a professional blogger. At last wishing your best, I finished this discussion. Wait for next blog for your improvement in this area….

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