For New Bloggers Effective Tips to Achieve Success

Are you thinking about starting blogging? You are welcome. But suddenly you think about blogging and start this, I think your blogging carrier should be gloomily soon. So not only blogging but also in every parts of life before start any work think more about that thing, you can succeed.


blogging tips for newbies

There are so many people who are not starting blogging yet. But they start to do a planning and seeing a dream about blogging. I hope this post is to be more helpful to those kinds of people who want to be success in blogging. And from that hope today I share some tips for the new blogger.

  1. To know about blog: to want to be blogger but you don’t know about this it couldn’t be. So starting in your blogging life the first steps is to knowing about blogging clearly. What is blog? What are the benefits to doing blogging? How many amount will be earn from blogging? What is the procedure to do blogging? What kinds of quality should have for blogging? How many kinds of blogging? For start blogging at first know about the entire question. And after all the main things is, “how many years are you reading blog?” As to be a writer to need reading book more and more, for to be a blogger you should have to need more experience and a long time reading blog.




  1. Planning and Decision: Long time you are reading blog and you take a decision about writing blog yourself. So you are welcome in this blogging world. Now you have to need a perfect planning. For opening a business you should have to need planning to do blogging. The subjects of the blogging plan are: what kinds of blogging you want to writing, are you want to blogging in your own site? Neither are you want to blogging for earning nor to fulfill your hobby. And for starting what types of planning you have to need think about that at first. Finally which related blogging are you interested to write take a decision. At the best answer of this question is write those type of blog which types are you know best. Don’t write about other types of blogging which you do not know clearly.



  1. Platform selecting: In the mean time you face a question that are you writing blog for your blogging site or the others multi blogging site. Actually today I am going to write about own blogging site. Let you are writing blog to open a blogging site. Then you have to need selection which blogging platform’s are you will write. The two best two blogging platform in the world are WordPress and BlogSpot. By the way my advice is to take the first one. WordPress is the no.1 blogging platform in the world here there is no hesitation. But as WordPress is the large platform for this you have to need a huge knowledge to blogging. But as you are a new comer in the blogging so you should take BlogSpot for your better. After gather more knowledge and experience you can join the wordpress blogging. So start from the smallest then largest. Because in every where to start anything you have to need the starting point and then you will reach your goal.


Blogging Platform

  1. Domain: BlogSpot is a free blogging platform. In this your domain/hosting are fully free. But which domain is you given that are the way BlogSpot give you a chance to use a buying domain. If you are capable to buy a new top level domain (such as .com, .net, .org, .info etc) you can buy it. To buy a domain you have to need $10-$12. If you are not capable, don’t worry. But it after when your wish. I also buy domain after 6 months from starting my blogging for my financial problem.



  1. Blog Design: In BlogSpot the design is so easy. In BlogSpot as a new you can easily learn about how to do default template customize. But for using external template you have to need to know about HTML, CSS and the other language. For blog design you can follow one as your ideal. Don’t think yourself that you are a new comer in the blogging section when you are doing design. When you do your design then think that you are a professional designer. From the very simple you can design a gorgeous blog. This is done by the professional designer. Think about what kinds of design the visitor will be liked or think you are a visitor in yourself and take a decision what kinds of design is better for your blog. From this way to make a simple gorgeous design.


Blog Design

  1. Content writing: Content is the main thing of blogging if you think as life or blood. I want to say that when you write a content please write a unique content. Write yourself. Doesn’t copy paste content. There is no value like 1% in copy paste content. You can like the copy paste content but lat you all the person hate the copy paste content. On the other hand from a copy past content you can do so many what but you could not be a blogger. So don’t think anything in your own language write something from your own corner. Write that types of content and give the details so that the visitor or learner can easily learn their desire thing. For spelling and grammatically fault you can use different site to check that.Unique Content
  2. SEO: you write the best blog but how can the visitor are known about your blogging. Who are using the internet they are your visitor and to know any topics they search from different search engine. If anyone searches any topics your blog will be the 1st from thousand of blog by SEO. SEO meaning Search engine Optimization. So to bring more and more visitors in your blogging site you have to need doing effective SEO.


At finally, so easily I give you the best tips for the new blogger. Don’t know how much it will be effective. By the way I share it from my life event. If it is useful to your blogging please know to me about it without any hesitesion. Wishes your best blogging and if you are know more please share with me so that I can give you more better tips about it. Thanks to all.

successful blogging
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