Freelancing or blogging? Which is freedom profession?

Freelancing or blogging? Which is freedom profession?

Freelancing or blogging? Which is freedom profession? Have ever you think about this question? Have you ever analysis? Suddenly my head trying to understand this. So, sit down and writting about this based on experience and personal opinion. Actually which is independent of the profession? Freelancing or blogging?
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What is Freelancing?

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Before analysis we have to know about what is Freelancing and Blogging? At first we will discuss about Freelancing. Another thing is that some want to clean it before. We think Outsourcing and Freelancing the two word are the same. But really it is not same. You or your organization’s any works which would be done by anyone not your own organization is called Outsourcing. And doing any organization’s work from your indoor to taking a fee is called Freelancing. From reading somewhere I know this. If this is wrong please forgive me. We are not discussing about Outsourcing. We are discussing about Freelancing. So keep away about Outsourcing from our discussion. We usually do application such as Odesk, Freelancer marketplace  in our own qualification and if we get that job or work, we done that work by a fixed fees from the client. Now a days Freelancing became a famous occupation. Which becomes a smart way to earn. We want to remember to doing freelancing work steps. At first there are some online marketplace such as Odesk, Frelancer, Elance are posted different types of work. Let, you are a web developer  and you apply a job in your related eprience and you get it. The job completation duration is 10 days, fees $100. Now, of course you should do the work within 10 days so that you will get that $100 payment. You can done this work within 10 days to stay your home. And it is called “Freelancing”.


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Now we will discuss about Blogging. You can also read this written to know about knowing Blogging. You can know details from it. Now discuss it shortly. To write details about any thing or subject is called Blogging. There will be two kinds of Blogging. Blogging for hobby and another  for earning. As we discuss about professional here. So we discuss about earning Blogging. Blogging is now a great occupation. As in Bangladesh this occupation is not so popular, It is not comprehensible to us. To creating blog there are so many people who became Millionaire, Billionaire. To know about Millionaire, Billionaire baggers search in Google. In this case i want to say about Harsh Agrawal who is a Indian Blogger. He is a person who is a famous successful Blogger. In the beginning he starts it as a hobby. But at last he became a professional Blogger and take it as his occupation. He earn thousand of dollar from AdSense, affiliate marketing and different kinds of advertisements agency. The most famous tag Blog is and this Blog is turning his life. After completing his graduation, he is not doing any jobs like other general 10 peoples. And what he earn from it, is not comparable to other. As usually to say that he earn more from Blogging. Oh sorry, I am going to the story. Actually the meaning of Blogging earning from it is  “ To write something details about any topics and share it in your blogging site and there are more visitor see your blog. This same time they show AdSence or other advertisement agency’s ad or affiliate link sharing for all you can earn thousand of dollar”.

Freelancing VS Blogging. Which is Independent occupation?

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Hopefully, ideas about Freelancing and blogging are clear. But want to say a thing clearly that, I’m not creating opponent between Freelancing and Blogging. Don’t mind. From my own point of view want to discuss about professional independence. In my personal opinion  having some earning difference between Freelancing and Blogging, Blogging is the independent occupation. You can also earn thousands of dollar from freelancing. On the other hand you can earn same from Blogging.  But which will be the most if you think about freedom  professional? What is your opinion? If you think deeply you can understand clearly that, Which work you get from or marketplace it is also like as a job. So freelancing is like a job. Here I don’t want to say about earning. I say again to the professional freedom. When you get a project then the ongoing project’s clients is your boss. You have to do chat or any other instruction of the client’s when he has to need. Let, you have to need to go for a walk with your family or any invitation but here you have limitation that you have to need to talk with a client if you don’t do it the project will be decline. Can you go that time? On the other hand your Blog is establish and there are 1000 thousand visitor daily comes to see your blog. So you can write 2-4 articles per week and that’s enough. I wonder if there is more. Anyway visitor comes to the blog and reding the blog, click the Ad so that you earn from there. Everything is automatic. You swear spinning, eating, sleeping. When you get time you do writing the Article, doing blog related work, SEO etc. It is really possible that from the AdSense blog or other ways to earn thousands of dollars a month , you can know about the biography of successful blogger from the Google search. For all of this from my sides Blogging is better as a freedom professional between freelancing and blogging. The both two are freedom professional. But Blogging is more freedom professional than Freelancing. Freelancing have category like Blog. But that is like a job. When you do that kinds of blog for own Blogging, it is not Freelancing and you are the boss of your work. In Blogging you can get a mind satisfied which is essential for a freedom minded man. Are you accounted to somebody for blogging profession? I think, Not. But Freelancing is on, at least to the client. However, my analysis of this judgment are some conditions apply or some assumption. Such as: which example I given about Blog that is applicable for the established Blogger. So much effort is to need to be establishment a blogging. But I said, there is freedom. Considering both income  are equal however you say freelancing or blogging. However, the same income will be eligible for the qualification and experience. That applies both blogging and freelancing. But Thousands of dollars income are possible from only English Blog. The bangla Blogging world is limited and for this the earning is limited.

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At last the Blogging and the Freelancing are both equal profession. But here I discuss only the freedom side. However the all of the opinion are own created. So don’t take it on the mind. If you have any kinds of opinions we can share with us. Thanks………
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